Satisfying Salads That Don't Suck

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  1. My friend has a great trick for salad dressing when you’re on a diet or just trying to consume less just dip your fork in the salad dressing and then dip your fork in your salad you’ll get the perfect amount with each bite every time

  2. I don't like cilantro and it's a iffy herb to add to any dish as many people don't like it. Even the musty aroma sends me reeling, lol!🏃‍♀️🍃🍃🍃

  3. My perfect salad:
    🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗

    Butter lettuce.🍃🍃🍃
    Chopped carrots/celery/cherry tomatoes.🥕🍅
    Hard-boiled egg (chopped).🥚
    Caramelized onions.🧅
    Roasted sunflower seeds.🌻
    Shavings of fresh Parmesan.🧀
    Freshly made garlic croutons.🥖
    "Jamaica Mistake" salad dressing!🍾

    💗 💗 🥗 Perfecto! 🥗 💗 💗

  4. Indian salads never sucks. It's very simple cut everything into mini pieces and mix everything with your hand in a bowl and keep it moist and try it for once. U will love salads

  5. I’m trying to find some healthy lunch ideas. I usually don’t like salad because it feels like I’m just eating soggy grass but I really like these salads. I can’t wait to try them out eventually. 🙂

  6. I'm not a fan of salads, but when my owner makes them, she does tend to add chicken and other good things I like. Then, some "might" end up in my dish too! Thanks for encouraging her to make more salads (and chicken)!

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