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Summer’s here and the temperatures outside are rising every day. While, we may not be stepping out now; but in this heat, it gets difficult to keep oneself …

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  1. Miss Shilpa apne jo Farhan khan k sth yakhni palao bnaya tha wo khane ka khana khrab kiya tha yakhni palao us se nai kehty agr ap ko real yakhni palao khani ho na to mujhse recipe le lyn .

  2. From Actress To Business Woman To Yoga Teacher To Chef. That's what we call Multitalented. What next????
    I guess Inventor column is unchecked. Soon she will Da Vinci I guess… 👍👍

  3. Most people have tasted sattu in form of roasted chana but they don't know it yet 😛. Infact a kilo of sattu costs equal to a kilo of chicken. It's a super-food & highly nutritious. We Biharis like some finely chopped onions, pinch of roasted cumin powder & chillies in our sattu drink.

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