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Seed Starting 101 | How We Start Seeds | Germinating Seeds Fast | Detailed Lesson // Garden Farm

SEED STARTING 101 In this FULL, DETAILED Garden Lesson, How & When to Start Seeds Indoors for Your Spring Garden, You will feel like a pro by the end of …

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  1. OMG I am in love with your home! Thx so many for showing us your tips and tricks! I am new to growing. Last year, I tried to grow some veggies and fruits and it didn't work. Hopefully, it will work this year. Thanks again!

  2. Hi! I really enjoyed this video! You go through it in such great detail which is what I need. But I'm still failing. I'm hoping that you can help me. I live in Southern California and we don't freeze where I live. Nights are getting down into the high 40s 50s. I've been leaving my seedlings in their tray outside. There's condensation, so I cracked it a little. Am I supposed to water them everyday even if they look damp? I feel like they're just drying out even though I water them every other day. Did I kill my seeds again? This is just a continuous problem with me. I can't seem to do this right. Please help?

  3. great video. Is there a follow up video to show what to do when your seedlings outgrow the trays you just seeded? Do you keep your seedlings in those trays from seeding until you plant in the garden? If not, do you have another video that shows what to do next? thanks so much. super helpful video and fun to watch.

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