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Hi everyone! Welcome back! How are you all doing? I am so tired at the moment – it feels like I never stop! But we are doing okay.

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  1. Love haul videos! Saved this video to watch in a hot bubble bath. I’m all for self care! A £1 bottle of bubble bath, £1 bar of chocolate and a cheap book = a cheap but brilliant self care night x

  2. Love the haul videos Charlotte. You should deffo try an Oral B electric toothbrush lovely – some are £20 at Boots right now 👍I was at Boots pharmacy today and while I was there that shower gel and eye patches fell into me basket. Can’t wait to try em now. Keep up the good work. It’s thanks to you actually I hear better these days too so big thanks for that. Hi to Merlin 🐶💕 & all your gang

  3. Hi 🙋‍♀️ Charlotte Mark Bill Daisy Stanley merlin the dog 🐶 too awesome 🤩 video boots order online mission she got chubby over the last year she’s trying to get back to place where she feels a bit like 👍 herself

  4. I watch channel mum every Monday
    (as that’s when I start my new pregnancy week,I’m currently 13 weeks) and Charlotte reminds me so much of myself. These videos really help both in pregnancy videos and in self care ect.. type of videos ❤️

  5. How did the eye patches go 👁️👀 I've inherited dark eye circles also ( vary from grey to black depending on the day) 🐼, thought I might give it a try. Nice video thanks xx

  6. Please don't worry, you will always get trolls that moan. But most of us are here for this content. And i loved it. It is nice to see what others buy for a treat, and essentials. It can inspire us to have a look, and introduce us to new things. Thank you. I enjoyed that. Xxx

  7. I love these videos. In fact I love all your videos. Definitely carrying on being real! I love how your videos are so well made but you are still so relatable and they are very natural : )

  8. Charlotte I’ve just got myself a Spotlight Oral Care sonic toothbrush, omg it’s unreal 👌🏻👌🏻 it’s quite ticklish but I honestly felt a difference after 1 brush! I got it when they had a sale on and it was down to £66 💛

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