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Shopping At ALDI For Healthy Breakfast Items…With Recipes!

First up we do some shopping for healthy breakfast items at ALDI, then we go back home a cook a quinoa breakfast bowl. ALDI has some fantastic grocery items …

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  1. Hola ya tengo mi lista para la próxima compra al AlDy Hola una pregunta k magnesio me recomienda y mantequilla y pan k compre en el aldy me dicen el Ezequiel pero ai no lo hay por favor gracias saludos desde Kansas city m

  2. Great video, Bobby! I actually found organic, plain Greek yogurt today at our Aldi! I was planning on buying the one you recommended in the video but saw that they had the Greek version. It's Aldi's brand so maybe they'll have it in your soon.

  3. Art +Bobby just wanted to say first time writing anything but just want to tell you My Wife loved my breakfast I made this morning many thanks

  4. I ate a lot of sunflower seeds a couple of days ago thinking they are a low calorie snack… Now I know why birds and our chickens love them in the winter. They are high in calorie when eating more than a couple of tablespoons.(about 372 calories for 1/2 cup)

  5. This looks so yummy. I will have to try this out. By the way ROSE is adorable omgosh what a healthy looking adorable baby. I love seeing her in your videos.

  6. Hi Bobby and community!! I have a paleo lifestyle. I have lost 59 pounds so far and I have 8 pound for my final goal. I wanted to see if anyone can clarify. For my lunch and dinner I have a small slice of either potato roasted or a sweet potato cooked in the oven. I eat it because when I try not to, I am hungry with in 2 hours instead of 4 to 5 hours. Is that going to create plaque in my arteries? I am trying to be as healthy as possible. Thank you so much!!! You are amazing!!!!

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