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Sikkandar Stores Madurai | கல்சட்டி | Soapstone cookware online shopping | Organic Cookware Shopping

This is not a sponsored video. Just shared my view. It may help you all who is searching for Traditional cookware for longer time. Like & Share the recipe with …

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  1. This shop owner does not respond to Calls made to him many times. Irresponsible dealer. Why this lady recommends this irresponsible guy ? After futile efforts to contact him, I contacted another Store-Jayalakshmi Metals, Pudumandapam-9384188570, through Calls and WhatsApp, they responded well and fast delivery. We have to simply send the Screenshot from Ungalukkana Samayal-Rates are already there in the Video. Don't go for this Sikander Stores.

  2. I am not stasfied with their Delivery. Ihave ordered in this store 1 paniyarakal 1 iron coconut slicer and appachatti. 1st delivered 1ly paniyarakal and coconut slicer stainless steel. After 5 days they Delivered appachatti also handle get cracked. I informed to them through WhatsApp but not responding i called again and again they said u can order another thing with that packing will send d handle.plz don't buy through WhatsApp especially handle appachatti

  3. Store call panunathula. Amount transfer panunathuku apuram 3 days kalichuthaan Delivery panuvom sonanga. Screenshot eduthu anupi product details anupina pothum sonanga.kandipa Delivery paniduvangala.its true r fake one. anupiduvangala nambalama akka. Amount transfer panalama.

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