Vegan Recipes

Simple and Delicious Vegan Recipes to Try 😋What We Eat in a Day

Today we are sharing 4 simple yet delicious vegan and gluten-free recipes perfect for beginners. All of the recipes can be found in Caitlin Shoemaker’s new …

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  1. i’m already following both of you, loving this collab! i’m looking forward to learn more about vegan cooking so i’d love to win the cookbook :))
    ig: beatricecicognani_

  2. Saw this and got excited. I’ve been contemplating going vegan but I’ve just gone through a body transformation (just lost 96 pounds) so I’m still hesitant on any changes in my food because I fear going backwards in any way. Loved this video! You guys got me excited

  3. I love these testing from cookbooks kinda videos! I make Caitlin's tempeh bacon every week for breakfastwiches and lunchwiches and would love to check out her new book!!! @salaciousvcrumb IG

  4. It’s nice to see you supporting a friend.

    Haha I always think that, about recipes! There are SO many different ones. And they are always changing in some way making them different through the years.

  5. I have been looking for a good WFPB pastry
    for quiches and pies
    so I liked Caitlin's pastry recipe
    plus making a quiche at the weekend
    and having it warm on the first day
    then having it cold on subsequent days
    is something I have missed
    as I am avoiding added oil etc
    to reduce my weight.

    I have purchased the book via the local bookshop
    (it is a chain shop but it is better than Amazon)
    plus I opted for the "kerbside collection"
    so I get to go out of the house
    and interact with folks
    and the employees at the bookshop
    stay employed while shops are shut
    to passing trade.

  6. I love to see y'all supporting your friend! I've been watching both channels for a while and to me, it feels like Caitlin just moved out (which is obviously not true haha).

    ig: @bridgetgrabowski

  7. Wow this book looks like it has amazing recipe n would love it..I'm a new beginner at vegan food n often go back n forth but I see it doesn't have to be boring.. I hope i win this copy but if not I'll def look into purchasing it… email thanks for Shari these great recipes.

  8. thanks for introducing me to Caitlin excited to scroll her channel.. food looked amazing instagram : deciphering_this_life
    thank you all so much.. you make vegan easy and enjoyable

  9. I appreciate you both so much!
    I am going to have to try the Mediterranean bake! Yum!
    I follow you both/all like a neighborly stalker. Ig @skae_blu_19

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