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just 5 ingredients you will be able to make the most incredible bread! written recipe – MY NEW …

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  1. Hi Gaz! I think I added water too quickly and ended up with a very sticky dough. I tried my best to give it the consistency you got before letting it rest for the first time, but couldn't really do it. I just did my best to keep it all together and I left it to rest. Is it ruined or will it still make for good bread? Thanks!

  2. Followed this recipe and for first time…I made bread that I could actually eat! In the past my few attempts at bread have ended up more like bricks..Loved this video.

  3. Hey Gaz, I haven't been able to get any yeast for a whole month. This was a good opportunity to get started with sourdough baking. Could you maybe do a few sourdough features? One of the struggles is what to do with the starter parts you throw away. I've tried making some kind of bread pancake but my friend who's doing the same doesn't like sour taste (he does like sourdough bread though). Would really appreciate some help!

  4. I can't imagine the pain in the butt that was to film solo. There have been times my hands are such a mess from cooking that I call my husband into the kitchen to grab something for me so I don't need to rinse them! The video came out great, and I can't wait to try this recipe 🙂

  5. Quarantine has caused a run on flour and yeast. But that aside, I watched this video twice through, because you’re link to a world outside of my own. Congrats on 1 million plus subs. Glad I was a part of that.

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