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Our simple fudgy vegan brownie recipe is a great home baking project to get you started in the kitchen. We designed the brownie recipe off the recipe frame …

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  2. I followed the exact instructions, but my batter split terribly and formed pools of liquid. Had to put it through my food processor to make it smooth again…any idea what went wrong? They just came out of the oven and seem fine now

  3. These brownies are amazing! I think mine are even fudgier than the Happy pear! They are super heavy and awesome.
    I made some substitutions, as I didn't have enough dark chocolate so I used half dark chocolate, then used hot chocolate (which I made into a paste/melted chocolate using a small amount of boiling water to dissolve) and also used light brown Sugar!
    @Happy pear I'm so excited for when your new book is released, pre ordered and all 😄

  4. I thought these were going to be black bean brownies. I made those last weekend for the first time and they are pretty good. Will have to try these and see how they compare.

  5. Sorry, can't post a picture … by the time I got the phone, the household had snatched up the entire batch … OMG! Thankfully on the way to get the phone, I grabbed one, which, by the way, was really grand! 😂👌

  6. I didn’t know you guys only ate vegan, and don’t live a vegan lifestyle. Icebreaker is a merino wool clothing company. Although they use what they call ‘humane’ wool collection practices, by buying that product you are funding the wool industry and exploitation on animals. Veganism is about the path of least harm and cruelty. That is a path you are not taking.

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