Simple Keto Broccoli Salad | Perfect for BBQ Season

Simple Keto Broccoli Salad | Perfect for BBQ Season Recipe: Our Cookbooks: Our …

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  1. I grew up eating this, except my mom would put golden raisins or craisins in it to give it a bite of sweetness…..are there any keto substitutions for the raisins?

  2. Keto newbie here, what kind of mayo do you use/recommend? I bought the Chosen Foods Avocado Mayo because our regular kraft mayo had 2g/serving of carb. Also would red onion be ok in your salad?

  3. Great recipe, Thanks!! Only criticism, if I may….6 minute video for a salad. LOL Condensing parts while still keeping it cute with the dog would make a great video.

  4. Just made it and it is delicious but needs an hour or so in the fridge. I agree that the add of some very thinly sliced shallot was needed to just pick up the flavours a tinge. Looking forward to this for lunch with steak tomorrow and chicken on Thursday!

  5. I make something very close to this but I also add sour cream for more creaminess and use salt pepper and garlic for seasonings. Then sprinkle in a bit more shredded cheese at the end.

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