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Simple Potatoes and Onion | Vegan | Daniel Fast Approved

This simple potato and onion dish is normally made with butter, but I modified this one to make it vegan and Daniel Fast approved. Amazon Store: …

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  1. Potatoes are so filling and delicious 😋 and inexpensive 👍 great for a big family. I love them! I love watching cooking videos made from scratch. This is a good side dish always.

  2. Ok, Well I luv you., even if you do wash 1 time too many, lol. Sweet puppy, Beautiful pup❤❤❤ I'll do this recipe tomorrow, my Oven is out right now too, lol So I'll do toaster oven also tomorrow night with potatoes and onions. I'll add a little paprika for Color and a little extra flavor too 😊

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