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simple veg thali recipe in 45 mins | वेज थाली की आसान रेसिपी | easy & quick vegetarian thali

lasooni dal tadka recipe | dal lasooni | garlic dal tadka recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a simple and flavoured curry or dal recipe made with toor dal …

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  1. in aloo matar curry you showed 3 whistles but when you opened cooker it is having same water without no difference actually when 3 whistles are done water will be almost evaporated or not remained then .How did water remained same when you cooked for 3 whistles?

  2. All in all I must say Ms Hebbar is a great cook. I love almost all her recipes. Just wanted to differ on two points though. One , adding salt while boiling dahl will not cook it well. Two, adding chilli powder while saute`ing vegetables or onion will burn the chilli powder. We normally add chilli powder after the vegetables have been saute`d. Hope you agree with me!

  3. U could have cooked daal n rice n boiled the potatoes in same pressure cooker using 3 different utensils.. N made it quicker everyone doesn't have 2 to 3 pressure cookers at their Home.. N it takes time to heat the cooker n get cooled once food is cooked..

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