SMASHED Cucumber Salad at Home | Refreshing Side Dish for Any Meal

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  1. Thank you for making me LOL!!! "One thing you cannot forget…is thinking about the person that you don't like. Smash them and chop them up." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I did NOT expect that to come out of your mouth…HILARIOUS!!! During this quarantine it's nice to have a GOOD LAUGH!!! Thank you again!! Sending you and your family lots of ALOHA from Hawaii. Stay safe & well!!

  2. I made this along with homemade pork dumplings for my boyfriend and his father. They both love my dumplings but they were skeptical about the salad as they can be quite picky. But we all loved it! So light, refreshing and simple AF. Quick and easy. Perfect contrast and compliment to the dumplings. I will make it, again and again, this summer. Plus smashing the cucumbers was totally cathartic.

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