Smoked Party Wings Recipe | Smoked Hot Wings on Ole Hickory Smoker

Smoked Wings Recipe | Party Wings on the Smoker For more barbecue and grilling recipes visit: I’m using Party Wings for this smoked …

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  1. The soy sauce was a great add…my wings on the grill came —no sauce required…three (3) other brought wings to the event …guess whose wings we went / Done first? Nicely done…thank you. W3

  2. Nice videa, though I would've like to see it all made from scratch. Thanks.
    Those wings only get that size from GMO chickens raised on growth hormones, so I'll take my wings "realistic" size – thanks.

  3. Dude, best wings I've ever had n that bbq rub is awesome. Keep the right temp on the smoker n it's fool proof. N ur bbq rub us perfect. Literally best wings I've ever had. Thanks man appreciate the great content. Highly recommend

  4. where can I get a big cooking sheet like you have? I’ve bought the big wings basket from Ole Hickory but I’m having a hard time looking for the cooking sheet to fit it.

  5. Hi Malcom, I tried to smoke some wings but skin was very rubbery, was smoking it at 250 for 3 hrs, any input? Thanks and love your videos!

  6. Just a suggestion: I use 2 of those wire racks. I put what I'm cooking on the 1st rack then put the 2nd rack over it and flip. It saves me time and I can do it again when I need to flip the meat during cooking. I had to modify the 1st rack by pinching the corners so it fit in the 2nd rack. It beats turning 50 wings twice. I play with some big boys so 500 wings is a normal Sunday. Can't spend all day turning wings. I do 1 1/2" steaks the same way. Everyone loves the smoked over the grilled. Love your style. -l

  7. Been doing this for years but with a simple bbq sauce marinade. Then I wipe dry and sprinkle with my favorite bbq rub. Also try lemon pepper marinade with a dry lemon pepper seasoning.

  8. I've been watching your videos for a while now love them! I went an bought one of those easy bake ovens "pellet smoker" lol. Gonna try this out for the super bowl tomorrow!

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