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Smoking Beef Jerky On The Pellet Grill – Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 24

I’ve made Beef Jerky in the Electric Smoker and in the oven, but until this video I’ve never made it using a Pellet Grill. Using the Low Temp setting on the …

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  1. Hi Ry. What do you think about the 'low smoke' setting being a smoke of "3"? Ever experiment with manually choosing say 160 and a smoke of 10? I'm guessing they default it in order to control temps.

    And how long do you find he finished turkey lasts in the fridge?

    Ever try Turkey jersey?

  2. Have you had any problems with the heat diffuser and drip tray warping. Both of them warped and camp chef are sending me replacements.

  3. Are those camp chef jerky rails? It looks like I would have to remove the standard rails to install those? I'm thinking of buying this grill and I like the jerky trays, but that will be a pain to switch back and forth.

  4. You had me at " idt I can make enough beef jerky" …my house, and definitely myself's inner soul talking!!!! Btw all that seasoning soaked from the bottom to top and other juices drip down. Interesting flavors and in a way self made. 🤤🤤 I love teryakki, but wanna try butter garlic jerky, salt and vinager, brown sugar jalepeno and water mix. Mmmhhhm. That red ring is definitely a smoke ring, low smoke is best for taste and reserve!

  5. just a tip, putting the aluminum foil on the drip pan will effect the air flow with the convection so you will get more temp variations in the pit… I do understand it makes for easy cleanup, but since this is a grill/smoker I dont need it to be as clean as my oven..

  6. love you jersey recipes my friend.. great time of the year two make jerky … if i did not have have high cholesterol and i did not eat the hole 7 pounds in 5 mins i would attempt it… cool video my friend

  7. I used my pellet grill, smoked bone in prime rib found on sale, I used simply lemonade, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, marinade 30 hours, smoke at 230(high smoke) for 2 hours 45minutes

  8. I've made a few batches in my Traeger. All turned out really well but I think I am going to invest in an actual Jerky slicer. Hardest part for me is getting equal cut slices even using the semi frozen method so drying time varies. I'm going to try that sweet thai chili though.

  9. The jerky racks are my favorite addition to my Camp Chef! I've used them to smoke wings, hamburgers, and even pork butts with a water pan under the meat. I haven't actually made jerky with them yet, but definitely will thanks to this video!

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