Snacking on the Sebastian’s Appetizers at Banana Cabana! | Disney's Caribbean Beach

Today we head to the Banana Cabana pool bar at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort! Why are we so excited for a pool bar you may ask? Well it hosts some …

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  1. Eat those yummy wings every time we come. A little pricy but soooo good. The rolls I have never noticed might have to try those in a few weeks when I am staying there again. Thanks for the video!

  2. Thanks guys for this review. I will be at Rivera this August with my 3 sons (27, 23 and 21) I think they would love to walk over a check out the wings and bread. My sons are big wing fans. The setting looks chilled and food looked yummy! 😎👍🏻

  3. Just curious if there are any items this team of reviewers dislikes or has criticisms of. It seems that, at least lately, everything is the “best” or the “favorite”, and I’m wondering whether that is by design (i.e., choosing only favorites to review) or by chance. I enjoy reviews with a balance of good and not good more than hearing about the superlatives only. (That might be a reflection of my taste in reviews, though!) Thanks much for the effort you’re putting in during these very trying times!

  4. That is awesome they are letting people get the Pull apart rolls out there again! Back when Sebastians was open they would let us order it at Banana Cabana, but the last time we went late summer last year they didn't due to Sebastians being closed.

  5. Thanks so much for the review, everyone! I hope I can taste some good food when I stay there in Dec. I had Covid 5 mo. ago & still cannot taste. 😩

  6. Do you need a reservation to get onto Caribbean Beach property to eat here, or can you just show up if you're not staying at the hotel?

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