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SNAPPER Fishing Surfers Boats & RAW FISH Recipe!

Fishing off the rocks at the local river bar for snapper watching surfers and boats dealing with the big swells. I make a tasty raw fish dish If you enjoy our vids, you …

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  1. Bro i love watching your videos of fishing and cooking, and you're a good man. Please don't wear gumboots on the rocks, one slip in the water and you're gone, take care my friend

  2. Good snappers alright Mike . Might need a bigger chilly bin in the future eh ? Perfect raw fish , can`t beat the coconut cream , lemon , tomatoes and spring onions , a few slivers of celery in the mix makes for a tangy taste if you like that , chur Bro .

  3. That was great Mike when you had the 1st snapper on I was like ye boy for you 👍 2 great snapper and a brill kahawai well done mate 🙂👍

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