Organic Cooking

Snappin' Turtle, Wild Turkey & Swamp Cabbage Stew!!! Organic Food From the Ranch!

We are doing our part to stay away from as many people as possible, the best way to do that is to stay at home or on the ranch! This is wild game and organic …

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  1. Emma favors her Grandmother Betty to me. She's a different child from Aria. She certainly has a mind of her own, but she is so cute now that she has started talking. I love seeing the girls in the dinner meal videos.

  2. knots video will be good. however, you've much better videos to make. Maybe you can add a clip of knot video in a 22 mins video where you cover other footage. Love you and your family!
    God bless.

  3. 5:05
    Rob-“What do you think we got on our line?”
    Aria- “Uhh a turtle”
    Rob- “Emma, what do you think we got”
    Emma- “uhhhhh (music stops) .. a fishy”(music drops back in)
    Lmaooo idk why that’s so cute/funny to me🤣

  4. I’m a new subscriber to your channel, been watching your videos and they’re great. I love hunting and cooking, just haven’t had the chance to do out here in the State.

  5. Watching your videos, brings back memories from my childhood. Catching, cleaning, and cooking everything eatable. Thank you. The world needs a few more like you. I have all but lost these skills. Seeing this, encourages me to go back to the wilderness.

  6. Yes a knot tutorial would be cool and talk about what and why you use the lears and stuff that ya do.. tell us ur secrets.. Haha love the family n life ya guys have

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