SOUTHERN PASTA SALAD RECIPE. This is such a delicious creamy pasta salad. Check out my step by step video instructions to make your own southern style …

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  1. I am gluten free. For those who are gf, here is my tip. Let the pasta cool naturally, do not rinse. The pasta will stay soft. When gf pasta is rinsed, it gets hard when it’s cold.💕 I love celery and onions 😋 I enjoyed your recipe! 💕😊

  2. Pasta salad is one of my favorites! This one is sooo easy to make and looks fantastic! Wonderful mix of ingredients and flavors!👍😋🧅🥚🍽 I like watching your videos because your instructions are always clear and easy to follow.

  3. Oh my goodness! This pasta looks so creamy and delicious! Yum! Thanks for sharing your recipe! Have a great day and be safe out there!

  4. I used those sweet peppers in my Easter potato salad and loved them. 1st time trying after watching you make yours. Have you ever put pimento cheese on the end of celery and ate that, (raw celery stick)? It's very good. Also, I only use Dukes mayo and wondered if you have it in Texas? It's a southern staple here in NC. The pasta salad looks yummy! Have a blessed day. <3

  5. I hit the subscribe button your pasta salad looks delicious, the good thing about this pasta dish I don't need a lot of ingredients.
    my 13 year-old daughter said Mom her pasta dish looks delicious you have to make this . And of course I said – YES I'LL BE MAKING CATHERINES PASTA DISH 😊

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