SPECIAL NEW YEAR'S RECIPES! Celebrate New Year with Delicious Appetizers, Whole Chicken and More!

We are putting behind the troubled year of 2020! When we look back to everything that’s happened this year, I’d say the most important thing was that we have …

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  1. Every recipe is great, thank you for that,My question is how many US dollars will it cost me to get this Total package or how much will it cost me if I make it myself?What will be the price if you go to a restaurant and play and how much will it cost if you can make it at home?Please promise me I will try this information !!

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen anything you’ve made that I am dying to try!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipes and the way you explain the techniques. I also am really appreciative of the different variations of ways to serve a dish with condiments and garnishes

  3. You are one of those good things I discovered ☺️☺️…. Love your dish and you.. please can you show recipe for vegetarian donar.

  4. With each passing day, I watch one of your videos – uplifts my spirits considerably! Thank you for that. You are an absolute DELIGHT! These chicken recipes are DIVINE and I will make one of them soon… I think the 'whole chicken' and potatoes. Also, your HONEST and HEART-FELT words put out there to the World are also INSPIRING. I believe you to be a TRULY GENUINE person and you surround yourself with the same kind of people. Thank you for WHO you are! (:

  5. Wowww super mouthwatering recipes u have shared.
    I have recently discovered ur channel
    I m loving each video of urs.
    All recipes are beyond perfection
    Superb .
    Became huge fan of ur recipes😍😍😍😍 love from ur Pakistani subscriber🇵🇰🇹🇷

  6. I do enjoy your vlogs. The recipes are most interesting as I know little about Turkish cuisine and there is something about your personality that I find both warm and dynamic. Looking foreward to your next season. And, yes I have suscribed to your channel.
    Wishing all of you, a very happy and healthy New Year from Montréal, Canada.

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