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Spicy Crepe Paratha, 5 Mins Easy Breakfast Recipe, Easy Snacks Recipe,instant crepe paratha

Get the Ingredient list, step-by-step written, printable and Mobile ready “Spicy Crepe Paratha” recipe with measurements on my website: Today let’s make a easy …

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  1. Today I made this recipe for my wife as suprise since its her birthday. It's really delicious . I used curd instead of milk. All went fine until I flipped it. After flipping when I tried to fold ,it ended as bhurji. Then I had to call my wife for the solution😊. Thank you for wonderful recipe.

  2. I want to eat something spicy .and lockdown is extend. What can I do ,so in last I came to youtube channel now I see recipe I just want to try it.what you made is looking nice 😊😊

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