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  1. 谢谢,通过您的视频分享,我和我的家人学到了,好多健康的生活方式和营养的食品做法,很棒,真心感谢🙏🙏🙏

  2. Question : Where did you get your oils rack on your dresser? I love it!!

    Also, thank you for this video!! Definitely gave me the inspiration to clean my house! I'm hoping that steroid toothbrush comes back in stock in your store soon bc i definitely need it!!

  3. Just got me in the mood to clean!! I've been doing a Theives and Lavender combo in my diffuser for immune support right now. But will try Orange and Peppermint soon ❤️. Where did you get your diffuser? I usually order from YL but love the capacity of that one.

  4. hey Nicole! I love your videos, but just wanted to say that some oils is not good at all for dogs to breave in, they can be poisoned from it. So pleases everybody that has a dog and like to defuse oils, do your research before. Take care!

  5. Avoid inhaling EO fumes containing VOCs!

    If you’re serious about cleaning, particularly now, start using chlorine bleach. It kills pathogens; none of your DIY concoctions can.

  6. For some reason watching this calms my mind 😂 going to use these tips and tricks. I need to get my household in order.. Sigh.. 😂

  7. I don't know why but this video is so calming to me. With all that's going on right now, it's really soothing to focus in on something simple and controllable like cleaning.

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