Spring Dessert Recipes | Vegan + Healthy!

Here are 3 easy + vegan dessert recipes that are perfect for spring! Full recipes for these Lemon Poppyseed Energy Bites, Lemon Bars, and Carrot Cake are …

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  1. My birthday is in May and carrot cake is my favorite! A vegan carrot cake is my one request for my birthday, I am an easy girl to please! Also, can't wait to try those lemon bars!

  2. a really good trick with carrot cake is to squeeze the excess liquid out of the shredded carrots and put the liquid back into the cake with the wet ingredients; it keeps the sweetness from the carrots but makes the cake less dense, because when the carrots are weighed down with water, it can make the cake fall.

  3. Love these! Anything I could replace the cashews with? Can't tolerate them very well. I was thinking macadamias, although they're so expensive! I'd love it if you could make something that is cocoa, cashew and peanut free for your next dessert video! Most vegan and gluten-free desserts contain at least one of those, so I'm pretty stumped :))

  4. MMMMMM carrot cake is totally a classic! Pavlova is another desert that reminds me of spring and it would be really awesome to see it veganized! I imagine its a challenge, but I'm sure you could make it happen! 🙂

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