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STARTING OF THE YEAR WITH MEAL PREP | 2021 Meal Prep *Grocery List Added*

starting off the year with meal prep #subscribe #getreadywithme #weeklyvlog #vlog #grwm #thumbsup #support #newvideo #segen #newupload Hi my loves!

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  1. FIRST MEAL PREP VIDEO OF THE YEAR!!! Click the Notification Bell 🔔 and SUBSCRIBE FOR A SHOUTOUT ON TOMORROW’S VIDEO✅Remember all details are in the description box!

  2. Got my own apartment with my baby girl and start wondering how to prepare for my meal for a week and guess whattttt I Find you life sever much love segeney 😊

  3. I love and appreciate your meal prep videos. You’re the reason I love chickpeas and PAPRIKA so much as of lately😂 I’ll definitely be making these meals. Can’t wait to see what you cook up next!

  4. Love the meal prep videos, actually all of the videos lol. Quick question if you care to share, 1) Is meal prepping a part of your weekly routine? 2) If so does hubby also meal prep or do you make enough for ya both? Just curious, I'm looking for tips to not only make meal prepping easier for myself but also I cook for my hubby and I feel like I have my set meals for the week and still cook everyday for him.

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