Sticky Toffee Pudding – Nigella: At My Table | Christmas – BBC TWO

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  1. I know you are an absolute expert in the kitchen. And what I’m about to say is probably something you have known him longer than I have. I just wanted to share with you if you have not already tried it, spray any measuring spoons or vessels with nonstick cooking spray before measuring things like treacle or any type of syrupy type thing. It makes all the difference in the world getting it out of there! Love your videos!

  2. I lost my taste 9 days ago because of Pine nuts syndrome and I can’t eat because everything taste awful …. So I just watch people making food 🥺
    Be careful with pine nuts and their products like pesto…some species of pine nuts cause a very rare temporary condition of taste loss, it could last up to a month and its awful 😣.

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