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Hey y’all! Today I am sharing a mega freezer prep video with you from back in January of 2021! I am breaking down the large meat packages from our huge …

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  1. This is giving me motivation to food prep. I don't do enough of it. I freeze my chicken differently. I put them on a wax lined cookie sheet and freeze. Then a put them in freezer bags so I can easily pull out how many I need. I use this method for thighs and breasts

  2. Love saving a dollar by buying larger size packages of meat and breaking it down to freeze. I don’t usually cook it though. I think I’m just lazy. 😂

  3. I love packing up my meat. Good job. You can take all of the veggies and scraps of your chicken and make broth. If you want to it later just bag it and put it in the freezer.

  4. Hello Brady. Thanks for sharing your videos. My family and friends also separate our chicken and I like to prep the vegetables to make life easier. Your an amazing person. Thanks for the great tips. Your an awesome person. Hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. Enjoy your week with your family. Your very kind and helpful to my family and friends. Hope that everyone is doing well. Take care of yourselves. I look forward to your next videos. Great job Brady. Hope that your feeling better. It's ninice to make new friends in my life.

  5. Awesome video, Brady. Yes, I do break down my ground beef, chicken, etc. Between the music and watching you…I found this video so relaxing…even though you were busy!! I would’ve liked to see how the chili came out. I’ve never seen the beef cooked that way. I sauté my bell pepper, onion, celery, and garlic. Then I add my ground beef. When that’s brown I throw in my beef stock, crushed tomatoes, and spices. Cook on low for 1-1/2 to 2 hrs. I add the beans last. I like my chili on the thicker side but my husband doesn’t. I try to compromise and cook it right in the middle.😉 Anyhoo, can’t wait for all the videos coming up!!! 💞

  6. WOW! Great freezer prep! I have started (last summer) pressure canning most of the meats I buy (chicken, ground beef, pork and chuck roast). It frees up my freezer for sales (I only have a bottom freezer in my fridge). But, any way you meal prep, it is good to have it mostly made ahead. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great video enjoy this very much like the way that you pre-prep things and put them in bags so it makes it super easy super cute with your little girl coming up and saying I love you mama adorable

  8. what a lovely surprise to see you!!! guess what?!! guess what?!! i'm going to be a great-grandmother in August to a baby boy!!!!!!!!!! happiness is!!!!! my grandson, who was married 4 yrs. ago, is the proud papa and his beautiful wife is the proud mama. i'm surprised you didn't hear me yesterday when i found out!!! lol! i have been praying for my great grandchildren for years for their salvation, health and a good life. i was looking at your knife and i thought i woul tell you that i have a ginsu knife. my father bought it about 18 yrs. ago and when he died, i got the knife…i can cut plastic and then slice tomatoes! its still as sharp as when dad got it!! i wish i would prep more. i just don't and then i could kick myself!! you look like you're feeling better. you look good. the north wind is blowing and tonite it will be 16 degrees. oh, yay. this time change is a real bummer for we how have insomnia!! i don't know if i fed the dog 2 or 3 times today!!! the autumnal equinox is better…i sleep later. have a good week Brady. stay well.

  9. That's so interesting about boiling the ground beef! I do the same thing with keeping one hand clean when handling raw meat. My husband loves chicken fajita nachos & I've never thought to freezer prep them before. Thanks for so many good ideas! Great video!

  10. I have always prepped my meats and vegetables ahead of use. I shrink wrap meats for one meal for two people and freeze it. Monthly shopping saves me money by staying out of store rest of month

  11. That was another great freezer prep vlog, you have given me so many great ideas, never thought to prep my ground beef ahead of time to make life easier and also the chicken fillets diced and ready to use. Look forward to more videos. So glad that I'm not the only one who chops all those horrible bits off my chicken fillets. You and your daughter are so sweet, I loved when she came into the kitchen and said I love you mama, so adorable. Thanks again for all the great ideas keep them coming. Love your channel.

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