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Being married is a great thing but what comes with it is a mystery of its own. In this video, I talk about what comes after it, literally. Breaking some myths in a way …

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  1. I absolutely and completely agree with you. Got married 13 years back, and both my husband and I shifted to our house (on rent) to a 3rd city, where both of us were working. We have never lived in our parent's homes. I have never taken permission to do anything and same goes with my husband… We discuss of course. Parenting, chores, finances are equally divided. Both of us have our businesses and we are financially independent. I don't call myself lucky as I don't feel I would've been okay living with a man who didn't believe in an equal relationship.

  2. So true… I got married when I was 23…I am married for 8 years, I have a 3 year old…I got a huge job opportunity after my engagement, I left it…my in-laws were very nice before I got married…but after I got married, I realized they treat my sister in law n me entirely different, all rules, regulations, work are only for Ghar ki bahu …we have a joint family of 10 members and we have quite reputed and well to do family, but they don't believe in keeping house helps and maid…all work is expected to do by me…if I try to keep any help then my mother in law's response is you don't do jhaadu-pocha, u don't wash utensils fir kaam hi Kya bacha…in front of others they behave entirely different but in reality they are hypocrites…they don't care about me…they just want me to handle every household work, kid perfectly…I was very naive when I got married but I would suggest to others who are getting married or will be married in future, don't go in any relationship which compromise your future in any way

  3. I am getting married in a few months and you are giving words to all of my fears. I have seen my mother, mamis, bhuas, chachis, taijis, bhabhis going through all of these struggles, without a complaint, and I seriously dread them sooooooooooooooo effin much.

  4. I don't agree with so many points in this video.. first of all when you were living in your birth mother's home you were following her house rules because it was HER HOUSE.. when you moved in with Lucky and your in-laws.. what in you changed that you wanted to rebel and not follow the rules of their house.. if you wanted such an independent life you should have studied harder took up a job and bought or rented a home for yourself where you would have been free to follow the rules set by YOU for YOURSELF… You got married at 22.. even after looking at a failed marriage and going through all that trauma.. even you wanted an easy life which you saw with him. You were just an entitled housewife who suddenly found her calling and rebelled and became a blogger. Not everyone is as entitled as you are Komal.. give the middle class girls a break.

  5. I could relate so HARD on the permission thing. I am 30 and still need to seek permission to go out at odd hours and a trip overnight, there is no privacy and trust in matters where permission is required. Adulthood and accountability seems like a myth.

  6. A wonderful video Komal and well spoken…

    I have two questions:

    1) you mentioned you got married at an early age -22 – and no one advised or warned you. However, as we know ur mother also get married at a young age and had a bitter experience unfortunately.
    So despite this, did her experiences play a role in you still deciding to marry young?

    2) Since you also have a son … who will become a husband at a later stage and you will have a daughter-in-law… will you advise your son from your side to live separately after marriage and inculcate all the values you expect from a husband/boy towards a girl?

    Your thoughts on this may help others too in extension to this video. Thanks!
    Take care xx

  7. I hope this video brings strength to many more women. I have grown up listening to most of these things but I'm slowly seeing some change. But I'm really happy that you put it out here for so many women to rethink where they are in life and learn something 😊

  8. The permission problem in a general concept in India . You are right shadi se pehle mummy se poocho – n she is like jab tera pati allow krega tab krna.
    Shadi k baad in-laws se poocho – they be like ye mayke mei krke aana chaiye tha 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  9. I got so angry watching this. This is so true. N most of the girls I know do not understand concept of equal marriage. They are happy being the part of this stupid obey concept . Cnt empower dumb people

  10. Thank you Thank you so much for sharing this video. I am going through something similar with my in laws.
    I have been shunned by everyone on my husband’s side for standing up for myself. I absolutely have no regrets and I am very proud of myself because i chose not to sit cry about my problems. Your video gives me an assurance that I have done something right. ❤️

  11. great content to put up in this 21st century where many of us feels lucky or empowered or satisfied to get a "supportive" partner who allows us women to do our basic things ! everyone is worried to get a "perfect" partner rather than just not be able to take that "perfect" tag get along with he r.

  12. In 5 years of marriage , whatever good my husband does then he is Bhola and acha… and whenever he voices out something against his parents… then Iam the " Brainwasher"… tera dimag to isne kharab kar diya tha… I have cried thousand tears over these lines… bt now iam strong enough to say…Jo sochna hai socho… mujhse door rahp bas !!!!!!

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