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Succulent Tips for Beginners // Garden Answer

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  1. My daughter bought me a clay pot planted with succulents. It was such a sweet gift but I have to tell you all of them have died except for one and it has taken on such a weird shape I don’t know if I should put it out of its misery or just let it continue to live and look weird. I wish I could send you a picture it’s really weird

  2. I am gifting a colleague derma dr tomorrow. She doesn't realize that succulents and cacti are the lowest cost plants in the business. Bye2 and oh you're shows are helpful.

  3. Thank you for your great tips.. Always wanting to hear ways to keep my succulents looking great. I did have a problem with the Millie bugs or maybe aphids so I used dawn soap in a spray bottle mixed with water and they are gone and my succulent is doing fine.. Next time I'll try the alcohol. Love watching all your video's.. Thank you..

  4. so IKEA set me up as a parent to this beautiful cacti; and I mistreated my plant (apparently) 🤣 watered it to much – apparently it's every 3 weeks 🤷‍♂️😂

  5. This video is perfect on every front except one…please consider breathing and pausing a little between sentences.

    Its super hard to follow what you're saying and I'm usually really good at understanding a variety of accents and speeds and inflections. I'm sure im not the only one. This definitely isn't hate, everything else was entirely on point. xx

  6. I buy 3 types of suculant one died in early days one is healthy and give out two more baby buds and the cuctus is dying and i am here to save it
    Wish me best of luck 👍🏻
    I am unable to find good soil for it

  7. I just bought 2 succulents and my mum add 1 more as a gift to me. Pray that I'll take care of them well! Btw, love your video so straight forward and clear to a beginner like me.

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