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  1. That looks amazing! I will have to make this. I am just now seeing it, and I feel like I've been missing out. May I suggest to you, adding a couple of teaspoons to those sweet peas really makes a difference, just a suggestion really. My grandmother and mom used to do it and I do it now as well.

  2. She said "You gotta cook that when a man come ova ….That'll make you a wife right there." 😂🤣😂 ❤ LOVE IT!!!! (Now imma need to jot down that recipe 😏)

  3. Lmao I love watching all your videos, Been binge watching your cook with me’s! And love your energy haha always enjoy watching! You’re too funny and too cute!! Someone definitely needs to wife you up ASAP! they are missing out 💁🏻‍♀️😍💕💕💕

  4. Try this 2 cans peas drained, small onion chopped fine, 3 boiled eggs mix together add mayo, salt and pepper to taste chill it's good for a few days and great for large groups like church.

  5. You are so much fun!! You make my day with your light, love, and sense of humor! We could be friends for real. If I didn’t live in NJ we would have a blast together!! Love ya girl 💜💜❤️❤️ making ‘this for Sunday dinner for sure!!!

  6. My “cuzin-in-law” said it’s called “what’s-this-here-sauce?” 🤣
    If you don’t mind, would you subscribe to my channel? I don’t have videos yet, but I have a plan and hopes and dreams! 😂
    I CANNOT WAIT to post my first video!

  7. I like how your fan turns on automatically. I have set the fire alarm off too many times in the past! That is a needed default function on these exhaust fans! Lol

  8. My husband is a chef. I have known him since 2009, yet after almost 11 years watching him cook is still fascinating to me. I met him on I finally found my prince after a painful divorce. He is such a blessing in my son’s and my life.
    If you ever have any questions with cooking, he loves to teach/help!
    You did a great job! I love some old school Whitney too girl!! That’s one of my favorites! Great driving music!
    He taught a cooking class at a local kitchen store when I first met him. He’s a shy guy but when it comes to cooking and food his personality shines! ❤️
    I make jokes every time I say worstershire sauce too. All different ways of saying it, adding syllables, who cares. Hahaha 😂

  9. Everything looked delicious but honestly I'm sitting on the other side of this video asking when she gonna add the mushrooms. Lol I love mushrooms and they would have went good in this.

  10. I love roast, noodles, cooked carrots and brown gravy. Thats, what meal, your meal here, reminded me of. My mom's a good , old fashioned cook…still cooks today .

  11. girl you are a amazing lady great mom such a smart lady you can do it all im so proud of you for all you do for your kids and beautiful kids by the way love your videos keep them up and you always doing for your kids just wonted to say thank you for showing other moms they can do it to .I was one long ago and it was hard I had four sons I worked all the time to make sure they had all they needed I lived in Auburn then now at myrtle beach .I was raised in Auburn all my life.

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