Super Bowl 2020 🏈 | Game Day Snack Ideas 💡 | Crockpot Appetizers

Hello my fellow family foodie friend! I am sharing 3 easy crock pot recipes that are perfect for Super Bowl Sunday 2020! Sauerkraut Meatballs! – Seriously a …

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  1. These look so good, I'm so happy you used the instant pot, got one for Christmas and I'm super exited to try this 👍🏻😁 loved this video💕

  2. Nothing wrong with Walmart girl!! I love crock pot meals. And I also love that lid. It's a game changer. It lets you see inside but also lets the smell out and it's so yummy! The tater tots looked so so good too. Perfect for me as well because I love meatless dishes! . Never heard of a ceramic knife before what makes it better? 🙂 thank you for collabing! Processed foods are totally fine from time to time. And things should be easy on Super Bowl day!

  3. I really love that crockpot meatball recipe ! That looks so Delicious 😋 Ooh I love the new green pans 👍Where did you get those ? I totally agree about using all the tater tots !That looks really delicious too ! And that queso dip is perfect in that small crock pot ! Thanks for these great recipes !

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