Come hang out in the kitchen today with the Bunkey’s! We are making Super Bowl Appetizers that are simple and easy for your Super Bowl party! In this video: …

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  1. I think there probably is onions in that red sauce (check out the bottle ingredients). And I have to agree with the other comment, I think if you got used to them cooked you would love them. My brother married a lady who didn't like onions. She would say "No onions in MY Chili!" (when Dad was cooking). She would say "You didn't put an onion in this did you??" He would say "no, no, I didn't put a onion in it." HE actually put TWO onions in it. And she LOVED it. Best chili ever. So, branch out – – try new things. Especially if you want your own cooking show. I'm glad you are eating the red sauce. And I didn't know there was a person on planet earth that has never had a meatball. Mr. B is awesome. That sausage dip looks delicious. I'm gonna try that for sure. You two are great cooking together. Very entertaining.

  2. Hey girly! These recipes look like such a keeper! I’m going to keep them in mind the next time we go to a friends house for game night.

    I don’t have ig so this is the only way I can post. I saw you and Mr. B’s ig picture in Boone and loved your positive message. I knew what you were talking about and wanted to say thank you!! I have been struggling today and your message really stuck with me to be positive and not focus on the negative. Harder said then done but I needed so badly to see that!

    I hope you have a wonderful week! You rock!! 💕

  3. You both make my day watching your videos. These recipes look good. I’m going to try make the dip for the Super Bowl. It will also be my dad’s birthday. Have a good week.

  4. I had heard you say "ground the meat" before, but i would NEVER correct you. YouTube is tough enough without someone pointing out every word you said. That being said, as a veteran cook, I have advice, NOT CRITICISM. Be aware of how often you take the lid off your crock pot while it is cooking. The temperature drops significantly and adds more time than you would think to your overall cooking time. Just passing on the knowledge. Love your channel so much!!! We love the Bunk,(funk) Gotta have the Bunk(funk)!

  5. I use the secret ingredient 🙋🏻‍♀️but that is the best cheese dip! I cannot wait to try those meatballs for Super Bowl! You should have cooking aprons made that say “Do the labor!” -uncle Mark🤣 I feel like that is a signature statement for cooking videos now! Love your channel❤️

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