Hey guys! Today I am sharing some yummy goodness just in time for the Super Bowl. These appetizers and dessert are easy to whip up. Don’t forget to watch …

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  1. The air fried cauliflower looks really yummy, Vanessa. Have you ever tried to make them without the hot sauce so you can enjoy them as well? Just a friendly suggestion.

  2. Great game day eats !! The spinach dip looks devine. My daughter would love the spicy cauliflower. A bit hot for me lol 😂 I was thinking,pour that whole can of cherries 🍒 that dessert looks so good 😋 I'm going to have to make that 🤗 Thanks Vanessa for some great ideas !!

  3. I plan on buying y’alls cookbook. When I make spinach dip I don’t add artichokes. I add bacon instead. Also I use the big Hawaiian loaf. I will have to share that by emailing you how I do that. Let me know if you would like that? Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Hugs from Lisa in Missouri!!! coxoxoxoxoxo!!!!!

  4. Yum to that spinach artichoke dip and the air fried buffalo cauliflower sounds delicious too, thank you for sharing these yummy recipes with us.

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