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Super crispy keto 5 seeds crackers | keto vegan gluten-free

These crackers are wonderfully crispy and are packed with nutrients and wholesome goodness. Enjoy as the are or topped with …

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  1. Thank you for the recipe. I seen it on one of your other videos for the fries. Do you think I can freeze them, then cut them using my cuisinart?

  2. For the spice – instead of Oregano – I tried some ZA’ATAR… it’s made with Hyssop and Sumac – not easy to find in US – but worth the search – certainly Middle Eastern grocery stores will probably have it – I ordered some online – just a thought…

  3. Just tried it because I always want to find ways to incorporate more seeds into my vegan diet. Had it with pesto and avocado with chilli flakes on top. Heaven. Never buying toast bread ever again.

  4. In the oven right now and it smells heavenly. I seasoned my crackers with garlic salt. Will serve them with my guaccamole 😋 Thank You for the recipe ❤

  5. I just made a half batch of these. Good, but not crispy. I noticed someone else in the comments baked theirs for 55 mins for the same reason and said they were then crunchy. I have a second batch underway now. EDIT: 2nd batch turned out great! 50 minutes in the oven. Maybe difference is mine is an electric oven and I did not use convection (or what I think the UK calls Fan) Thanks for posting, these taste amazing when crispy! Liked and Subscribed!

  6. I have made these crackers numerous times, love them.
    I have added a teaspoon of garlic powder to the recipe, which works better I think.
    But I am wondering about the net carbs in these.
    I also find if you use flax instead of psyllium they don't turn out as well.

  7. Have this sitting and waiting to go into the oven, can't wait to taste! Can't get psyllium husk so I ground some flax seeds. Will say how it went. EDIT: Delicious and my mother loved them too. Have another batch in the oven. They're great as I can't have gluten so regular crackers are out of the question

  8. Just tried your recipe. I substituted nigella seeds for black sesame and it turned out TERRIFIC. Love them. Thank you for sharing. These are better than the very expensive seed crackers I’ve been buying.

  9. Just finished making a batch. Anyone from the UK looking to try this recipe, Lidl (so probably Aldi) sells packets of mixed seeds at more than half the price that health food shops or Amazon charge.

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