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Super Tasty Fried Fish with Hot Sauce by Chinese Masterchef l Chinese New Year

Fish is a must for the Chinese New Year. The word fish translated in Chinese means wealth and prosperity, so whole fish is always served during New Year.

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  1. Wait a minute, is this a different channel? The other one is called “taste the Chinese recipe show” or they changed the name?

  2. Loved the music and cooking. It was a a peaceful experience to watch the calm and composed chef cook this mouth watering delicacy. Thanks to the team who made the video and to YouTube for bringing such worthwhile content easily accessible

  3. Justo me puse un videito porque me gusta la música de este canal para jalarme el ganso no más. El problema viene en que esta me recordo a la muerte de Jiraiya y me puse a llorar mientras me agitaba la nutria… Y pues el semen son las lágrimas de un nepe enamorado, soy un romántico.

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