#SuperbowlSnacks – Game Day Appetizers – Smoked Appetizers – Yoder YS640 Smoker

On this cook, I smoke up some of our favorite game day appetizers. This cook is really simple to prepare and cook, especially on a pellet smoker like my Yoder …

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  1. Great looking platter of snacks there Joe. I'm gonna pull for the Rams since they beat my Saints. Enjoy the game and cheers to ya brother!! Oh, congrats on hitting 1K Subs!!!

  2. Congratulations on the 1k subscribers bro! You can’t go wrong with that platter and some beers to watch the Super Bowl.

  3. Awesome job Joe I will be checking them jalapeño popper recipe and meatballs beautiful family also. Thanks so much for sharing your video bro God bless you and God bless America love that T-shirt

  4. Hey Joe I’m looking for a good flavor combo using victory lane Peach, Cherry bomb or sassy apple? Ribs, steak, or pork butt. Just looking for tips using fruit flavors.

  5. That spread looks great, I really enjoy your videos and live stream. I'm a Cowboy fan too, at least we can look forward to the food and commercials next weekend. I rather would of liked to see the Saints vs Chiefs. I hunt in Louisiana and my hunting buddies who live there, have been whining all week. I told em to just get used to it, like us…

  6. HEY BIG SMOKIN, that was a awesome platter of appetizers everything looked amazing, my favorite was the smoked chicken wings, that was a fantastic cook, I really enjoyed that video very much you did a excellent job. I see that you fired me from being your taste tester. LOL You have a beautifully family, and Joe congratulations on reaching 1000 subs, that is awesome. AWESOME JOB MY FRIEND. GOD BLESS YOU.

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