Sutton's Gotta Give

As the Tahoe getaway continues, Sutton and Crystal’s colorful disagreement comes to a head – only to go off the rails again when Sutton feels alienated from the …

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  1. People see social status before color. I grew up the only white person around everyone until I started working as a adult. We grew up poor. All of us. We worried about food and electricity, not what color we were. Tbere will always be racists. Lets stop cratibg racial issues where there is none. Kyle calli g her out for not paying g is because she didn't pay. Period.

  2. So can anyone explain to me how this isn't racist: "If I was named after two white women I wouldn't tell people that". Umm how about they're classic American icons and it's a great name so she should be proud of it. But yet it's somehow "racist" that Kyle brought up that Garcelle didn't pay for a Children's Hospital fundraiser…..I'm soooo sick of hypocrites! I like Garcelle but she needs to stop projecting her insecurity about her race on everyone. Reality check: Just because something negative happens to you doesn't mean it's racist! —- ugh this episode of is the worst. I watch RH to escape the crap of the world, not listen to rich bitches debate race/racism.

  3. Crystal kicked Sutton. That is Assault. Here is the Google definition, An assault is the act of inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person or, in some specific legal definitions, a threat or attempt to commit such an action. Source: Wikipedia.

  4. I think what they meant is that crystal saying she sees color means she sees all the social injustice issues people of color go through. When Sutton says she doesn’t see color I think she refers to she just sees every person as an equal, everyone should be treated the same. They’re both addressing the issue just differently.

  5. But, the devil knows how to make an exact opposite copy of any & every thing. If Asians where so anti racism, they’d help African Americans to shore above or atleast make us on the same level as white people. They never do.

  6. Sutton is what 60?? the white fragility is mind boggling & annoying. To be frank, attention whoring isn’t cute at any age. Get a therapist and eat more than 600 calories per day. That May help!

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