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TapChiSiLog Recipe | Chicken Adobo in LA (2020)

Here is a quarantine food recipe since I miss the food back home in the Philippines! I decided to marinade some rib eye beef tapa and make a chicken adobo …

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  1. Is there anything you can't do? Angie you ate so amazing
    I'm a new follower/subscriber and really have enjoyed your videos and vlogs so far
    Xxxxxooooothank you!

  2. If ever you think of putting up a restaurant Ms. Angie, I'll surely be one of your regular customer. This food really looks so delicious. Ms. Joey is so lucky to have you ^^ 🙂 Stay Safe and God Bless!

  3. im watching all your videos this quarantine elevates my mood watching your vlogs..real content pang masa,true persona captures your videos…and super fun…love you both ..more vlogs please..godbless

  4. Cook my food based on my own preferences… YES, YES, YES 👍🏻. Just be creative and enjoy the cooking process as food that’s prepared with love will somehow be good… there’s already a good example here🥰. Thanks Angie, gonna try both. And thank you for eating fresh cooked rice☺️. I’m lazy too so for small portion, I’ll usually have it steamed… quick and fresh.

  5. I tried this recipe today with my family and they loved it you need to put a cookbook together! My 3 sons were like its awesome!!!! My husband really liked it as well and he is VERY picky!

  6. i copied your tapa marinade recipe (except balsamic vinegar) and now will wait for 3 days and will have this for dinner. hubby said marinade smells/tastes good! i will try your adobo recipe tomorrow. sending love to you and Joey from Dubai ❤️ – Abby

  7. Cooking is one of my many loves.. Probably up there, next to the law. Everything you do is like a work of art Ms. Angie! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Your so sweet to each other, you have everything, i wish you to have a forever love..i'm big fan from Pampanga! and please do not forget god!
    i love you both..xoxo ❤🥰👍

  9. Oo ngapala.nakakaintindi tagalog kasi nakapanuod.ako.isang vlog nyo di.kayo,naintindihan nyo hoba.mesege.ko di ho.ako ganong sa.english.word.pasensya.naho

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