Vegan Recipes

Taste Testing ALL The New Vegan Items at Trader Joe’s 😋

————————————————— ⋇ FOOD IN THIS VIDEO ⋇ (0:00) – Intro (0:55) – Crispy Banana Ribbons (1:05) – Everything But The Bagel Potato Chips …

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  1. Wow is it sad I’m happy to see another person with a geographic tongue?? Lol I’m the only person I know with it and every time I talk about it people are like “what is that?” Lol I know the struggle Jasmine 😩☺️🤗💜

  2. Earth balance used to have sour cream and onion and sour cream and cheddar! they were my fav unfortunately they stopped selling them. Also, Ikea sells vegan sour cream and onion chips!

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