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Taste Testing NEW IN Lidl Snacks 2021 UK!

Taste Testing NEW IN Lidl Snacks 2021 UK! Elo! We decided to do another taste testing video! Taste Testing the new in snacks we have recently found in Lidl …

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  1. Helloooo! Enjoy today's video, it was V fun to film 😍 Have you tried anything we tried?? Or do you have suggestions for Lidl finds? PS Happy Easter (if you celebrate!) 🥰

  2. £1.99 for the mini bites is definitely higher than I would expect at Lidl, it basically puts them at the same price as Waitrose for me as theirs are £2.75 but ALWAYS on 2 for £4.

  3. Hey Soph, hope you're well. Just an idea and i know you've done something similar in the past.. but you could compare the similar 'new in' products from both aldi and lidl whilst blindfolded and see which you prefer? xx

  4. Ah ye are both looking so good. So many lovely treats there. Can’t wait to give some a try hope ye guys have a lovely week. Ye are nearly on countdown now .xxxx

  5. £2.50 is rather steep for those drinks. People would be better off trying to score one of those £1.50 food boxes you featured a few weeks ago and making a smoothie from whatever fruit and veg they receive.
    Hope you both had a lovely Easter.

  6. Try the lentil bites with guacamole. I know the drinks are expensive but I just saw branded versions in the supermarket for £3.99 so I guess in perspective they aren't expensive in a competitive market, but I still would not buy as could not justify the expense, but for those who do buy them it would be a good price.. Lidl's BBQ popped chips are the best we have tried so far. Nicer than the brand and also nicer than Aldi which surprised us as we were expecting them to taste the same. Lidl's pistachio swirled ice cream is delicious and only £1.35 for a litre tub

  7. Them safari snacks for kids are not new by any means, my child has been having them for years now 😂😂
    Edit; neither are the sugar waffles😂 have them with some Nutella have done for about 3/4 years now lol

  8. Them Minnie choloate looks nice to try and I think they look nice to eat I might buy them next time I go to Aldi do they have them in the shop Aldi I love alidi crips the ones you both was trying I try them too next time and did you both have a good Easter and got choloates too

  9. Hi Sophie & Lawrence! I know I would like the 'Rocky Road' bites, better than the 'Mini Rolls'. £2.49 for the drinks IS steep! One of my most favourite cakes is a Lemon Drizzle, but I like it quite tart! Before you said anything about the 2nd juice, I said to hubby, "I'm not sure about the beetroot, it's very earthy", then you said, "it's very soily" . . . strange with fruits? The peppers, would be a . . . LIttle Lidl Nibble! 😘😂 I like lentil snacks (on the smell, don't you think that Camembert smells like cow poo . . . I do!) Another fantastic taste test! Thanks guys! Enjoy your Easter Monday! Lots of love! 👍💖💖

  10. We actually have the Fiber One knockoffs here in the US! I like the coffee cake ones and the lemon ones…..i think? It's been a while since I bought them. But my absolute favorite ones are the Birthday Cake. name brand only as far as I know.

  11. I have to say that I'm not impressed with the Lidl offerings tbh for so many reasons… Price, packaging, ingredients, taste…. 😕👎 Still sticking with Aldi!!! ❤️

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