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Taste Testing NEW Vegan Items at Trader Joe’s 😋

We asked on Instagram what your favorite Trader Joe’s products were plus we picked up a few new items while we were in the store and today we are testing …

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  1. I’m a new vegan and I’m glad I found you guys because we have similar taste buds lol some vegan channels are like omg it’s sooo good and you get it and it’s disgusting 😭🤣 but you two I love thank you!🙏🏾

  2. I’m not 100% vegan, but I’m trying to incorporate healthy stuff on my diet for the past months☘️So far, I’m enjoying the ride♥️God bless you both🙏🏻

  3. I’m not at all familiar with jicama wraps, but do you think they could be used to make bacon, similar to rice paper bacon? If so, you should make a recipe!!

  4. Bc of the Canola oil I wouldn’t go for the crackers. Be careful Vegan family don’t Judy go on taste. Read the ingredients. Please!

  5. This is really stupid maybe to ask but…I been vegan for a year and 6 months…the problem is I have a chronic disease called ulcerative colitis. My doctors have been bugging me telling me that the vegan diet I'm doing isn't good for my health because ibd one of the main problem is that are body's or more like are guts won't absorb well nutrients.. if your doctor told you that ur health was in danger and that u should eat meat…wat would you do?

  6. Watching Jasmine eat chili lime chips.. me: oh no I can't do spice, so no
    Later Jasmine: I don't do spice
    😂😂 I'm always weaker with spice compared to everyone.

  7. Lol PLEASE make a vegan frito pie!! I used to eat them all the time when I was younger. Also a vegan chili on Fritos instead of rice is good too. Lol I love chili

  8. Sooooo when y’all tried the zhoug and Chris said it’s not spicy at all I was like waaaaaaaat coz I love spicy but always found this to be way too hot & would mix it with hummus to cut the heat. I just repurchased for the first time in sooooo long and they definitely made their recipe less spicy than it used to be!!!!

  9. We love the zhoug sauce at our house! We eat it plain with tortilla chips, sometimes a little mixed with TJs garlic chipotle salsa, but best of all mixed into hummus. Also the jicama wraps make a healthier substitute for rice wrappers when making fresh spring rolls (though you do have to eat them taco-style).
    So excited to be going vegetarian (heading toward vegan) at our house (one mom, two teens). My daughter has been vegetarian since elementary school, and my son never liked meat much except fast food burgers. I've also been vegetarian on and off all my life. We had watched many movies together (Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy, etc.), but the movie that really sealed it for us all was Okja – I highly recommend it.
    Thanks for your great videos. You offer lots of good recipes, practical tips, and a relaxed approach that makes it all look very doable. 😊

  10. Thank you for these reviews!! I am tight on money right now as a single mom but enjoy the vegan lifestyle. Now I don’t have to buy foods that aren’t worth it. Love you guys!!

  11. Romesco is a dipping sauce from Catalonia. We use it to dip in "calçots" (these long grilled onions). It's amazing!! The traditional version doesn't have that much of a kick though!

  12. I put zhoug sauce on literally everything from tofu scrambles to veggie bowls to tacos…I love cilantro and spicy so it’s right up my alley ☺️ I’ve been trying to limit my grocery shopping lately and use all the stuff I bought at the height of the quarantine but it’s time to head back to TJs to pick up some of these items! Thanks for the review.

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