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  1. Why do you guys blitz the cauliflower? It is a wonderful vegetable! You could dip it in flour with garlic powder, paprika , flour , salt and fry them! It is what we call as 'Gobi 65' in South India!
    Please checkout the South Indian cuisine if you are interested in more awesome vegetarian dishes!

  2. 9:34
    "Use organic to ensure it's vegan"

    I'm not vegan, but if I were, and I found out that regular ass sugar wasn't vegan, I'd sue. The only thing that should be in sugar is sugar. Also, vegans shouldn't have to pay that extra money just to ensure that it's okay for them to eat, because plain sugar should be vegan in the first place. What kind of fucked up shit is that. And if it's not vegan, then what the hell are they putting in there that is making it not vegan? Like, can anyone explain this?

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