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TERIYAKI CHICKEN | easy 20-minute chicken recipe

This teriyaki chicken recipe is bursting with flavor and easy to make! Just stir fry chicken pieces and mix with a sticky sweet teriyaki sauce. Serve it on top of a bed …

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  1. This channel is great! So informative. I've watched a lot of cooking videos on youtube. Constantly I'm skipping through unecessary parts to get try and get to the point! But I feel with your videos they're truly capitivating. Well done!

  2. this helps a lot as I try and get that savory sauce but I use center loin pork and plum or sweet n sour sauce awesome dish very addicting though I need a sub for the rice as rice is very starchy.

  3. Great vid! I am new to Keto so I am still learning the ropes, I recently downloaded the Keto Babe Bakes App (which has been a lifesaver) it reminds me of some stuff you mentioned in this vid. I will have to add your channel to my newbie arsenal! Thanks for the content! 🤗

  4. I just recently found you and I am in awed in every video! You take consideration of what’s going on and what people may not have, you take steps to ensure what works and what doesn’t work and it’s so awesome to see! Definitely my favorite cooking series so far I’ve found

  5. Loved the video!! Just a tip I don’t think you are supposed to cut raw meat in a wooden cutting board because it can soak in and become dangerous when cutting vegetables on the same board because you can let eat raw chicken. Just a tip love your videos ❤️

  6. Love stir fries and teriyaki, love the simple sauce and got nothing much to do so I am cooking Baby. Not baby, not enough meat, hell you all know what I mean.

  7. Oh, I just realise I will have to swap quite some ingredients. Lisa, do you think I could use Eritrothol instead of honey (for a bit more keto version)? Also could I use whiskey instead of wine (I almost never have alcohol at home and now I only have what I like the most)? Rice is not keto nor paleo really but it is gluten free and I guess I could have it from time to time.

  8. You’ve got me addicted to your videos! I am new to the Whole30 diet and you are amazing!!! I am doing chia pudding every day now! It so yummy I have shared your recipe and website with friends. Now I dream of owning a vitamix! Thanks for what you do!

  9. Looks fantastic, thank you for sharing. Yea it is crazy these days and some ingredients are hard to come by. This looks very flavorful, so defiantly need to try it.

  10. any interest in writing down measurement in dl ml… in the videos so the rest of the world understands to?
    thank your for your videos you are great!

  11. Thanks, now you are almost at 1 million subscribers, what are you going to celebrate? Are you going to show us the best food you will make at 1 million subscribers?

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