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Teriyaki Steak Recipe

Teriyaki Steak (照り焼きステーキ) or Beef Teriyaki is a mouthwatering Japanese entree that’s easy to prepare. For my version, I …

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  1. Made this tonight. FANTASTIC. So simple and easy, yet so flavorful. I try to make all my sauces and meals from scratch and avoid pre-packaged stuff as much as I can. I finally have found a teriyaki recipe. Thank you chef. Folks, this is a must try.

  2. Japanese food is so brilliant.That looks kinda like beef tataki.If you want to use a cheaper,tougher cut of beef,add some meat tenderizer to the sake mixture and marinate it overnight.I first tried hangar steak in France-they call it onglet.

  3. This looks absolutely delicious! I think I actually have most, if not all the ingredients for making the marinade and sauce. Would ribeye steak be a decent substitute in this recipe? I usually buy/gift my husband a heart shaped ribeye every Valentine's Day, so I've got it waiting in the wings. I know it would be a welcome change of pace from my usual mix of spices for steak seasoning, he loves the ginger/soy/garlic flavors of Asian cooking. 😋

    On a side note, I'm bummed that I haven't been able to be there for your video premiers. Between crazy schedules, Super Bowl, and Valentine's, my Sunday mornings just don't belong to me lately, lol! I'm happy to watch them when I can for now, and look forward to the next time I can catch up with everyone again. Thanks for sharing another awesome video! ❤😊

  4. Looks great! 👍

    What type of soy sauce did you use? Light, dark, gluten free, Japanese or Chinese soy sauce? Sorry if you said it, I don't remember.

    I do the same equal parts to my teriyaki, except I add equal parts mirin to it. You ever try that?

    Keep up the great work ✌️

  5. Now I have a reason to buy a hanger steak! I always see them, but as a person of hispanic descent my default choice is skirt steak

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