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TESTING TASTY Buzzfeed Recipes || PARTY SNACKS… what's worth making??

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  1. The s'mores pies need the marshmallow fluff on top! Not actual marshmallows…. And I want to try the cheese waffles coated in waffle batter or pancake batter!

  2. I feel like you could do multiple rings of onions and it'd taste more onion-y. Like an extra thick onion layer, or you could have an onion layer and then a layer of beef and keep alternating between them for a concentric circle type effect. There wouldn't be a whole lot of room for cheese though, unless you used grated cheese in the ground beef mixture. (I'm a big fan of onions, sorry ^^;; )

  3. And that is why you had to leave quite a bit of wobble on the fondant part (chocolate center) of the tarts because you end up baking the marshmallows for too long and you loose the gooeyness of the fondant

  4. Tabbouleh and peremeç 😀 Google it 😀 Peremeç aren't a quick recipe, it's like piroges shallowfried in butter, but they are the best tasting things and really popular.

  5. Gonna need a mushroom roll demo.
    My husband makes amazing jalepeno poppers, halved jalapenos filled with cream cheese, wrapped with bacon and baked. Sooo much better than the breaded ones

  6. What's even the point of the onion ring burger things? Like, just make a normal like slider burger and put onion rings on it. So much extra work, not about that.
    The fact that Rachel did that outro with chocolate on her wrist and was just chilling with her smores is a mood tbh

  7. I thought maybe they doubled up on the onions with the smaller one? Like onion, beef, cheese layer and then add more beef but also another section of onion. That's my guess how to make the smaller onion chunks.

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