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This week we’re making a vegan thai yellow curry oil free for weight loss. This thai yellow curry is noticeably not as spicy as most curry recipes and is packed …

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  1. I love your oil free, low fat WFPB recipes! Please keep them coming. I had 2 heart attacks 8 yeas ago and have followed the diet ever since. Instead of the low-fat coconut milk, I’ll reduce the fat even more by substituting plant-based milk (almond or soy most likely) and a little coconut extract. If a little thickening is needed I can add a little arrowroot. I now feel healthy, vital and strong. You two rock!

  2. i kinda liked the sass between you two in this episode, but fight already!!!! and solve it. in every video for the last 2 years or so you seem like you hate each other

  3. Just make this with coriander seeds – as per written recipe. Absolute disaster. Not sure what else is missing / incorrect for the written website recipe but you should fix it asap. Susan (in Greystones!)

  4. Yes yes yes to oil free cooking!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Love your receipes but I have to be oil free and nut free. Please help me to substitute if you can. You guys make cooking look so much fun and delicious. Keep it coming

  5. So yummy…. Healthy, colorful, nice looking dish and versatile (it can be served with noodles, rice etc) You can prepare it with the vegetables you have in the fridge and the legumes you have at home. This makes it a perfect recipes. Thanks guys

  6. Gorgeous – you 2, oh and the curry looks delicious too, going to have that today. Hug and kisses from the UK. you both always bring a smile to my face, thank you xxx

  7. I'm not even vegan and I love your vegan recipes so much! Made me want discover the vegan nutrition and a lot of plant based products and I really like to replace dairy products with them more and more. I always thought I can't live without milk and yogurt but I didn't realize that there are even better substitutes for it availabe. I love almond milk so much better for examp! People should definetly try out more vegan stuff, it doesn't have to be hard, even for people who are on a diet! Thank you for delicious recipes! <3

  8. Superb, Gents… I will admit that I do love my oil though 🙄 and thankfully 8 vegan years of no animal fats have alleviated the necessity of my previous regimen of statin meds! Hurrah! And I do love me some Thai curries!!! 👍

  9. ….hang on, I've just got to get a tissue to wipe my salivating mouth…..I can't wait to try this recipe, it looks absolutely delicious…..thank you once again Dave & Steve.

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