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That Mexican Meat Market RED MARINATED CHICKEN Recipe | Pollo Asado | Simply Mamá Cooks

Today I am making my version of that red marinated chicken you get from the Mexican meat markets. I use a blend of ground achiote, which gives it that red color …

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  1. I have spatchcocked a whole chicken and done this before on the grill and it turned out awesome. I never thought about doing chicken parts on the stove like this but it looks awesome and am going to try this for sure. Thank you.

  2. So I was going to make this today. Went to the grocery store and they didn't have the Achiote. I checked the other store in town and nope. So won't he making this tonight. I went on Amazon and.found some there. So looks like Saturday night. Looks so good!!! Can't wait to make it.

  3. Buen vídeo! La verdad es que tiene muy buena pinta. Te invitamos a ver nuestros vídeos donde cocinamos en la montaña en distintas ocasiones con hogueras y horno de piedra caseros cosas como pies de cerdo, costillares o hasta pizzas caseras jaja. En nuestro último video tambien jeje si tienes alguna receta que crees que podriamos hacer recomiendanosla y quizas lo intentaremos! Tienes nuestro like y suscripcionn

  4. Omg!! I’m so excited to try this. It’s my favorite kind of grilled chicken 😋 – can we use Naranja Agria for the citrus or lemon juice?

  5. Dude. You are by far my favorite cooking channel. You cook the same stuff my mom cooked growing up. My wife and kids are picky. I drool every time you cook. Thanks.

  6. You're the best! Mexican food is my favorite food. I will give this a try. I have learned so much from you! Thank you so much for sharing all of your delicious recipes! 🙂

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