The 11 Most Outrageous Disney Desserts!

Are you on the lookout for a dessert crazy enough to satisfy even the most intense sweet tooth? Let’s take a look at the 11 most outrageous desserts you can try …

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  1. From the ones on this video it would come down to the kitchen sink (minus the choc mint) vs the bread pudding! But please add the Edison to this list! A griddle full of tart key lime pie! A black cherry shake to rival and surpass any in this video! Cheesecake pops with bubble gum cream dipping sauce! Their desserts are as inventive as Edison himself, and way delicious!

  2. I have a major sweet tooth and really want to try some of those big super sweet desserts you need like 4 people to tackle. But all my friends don't like sweets that much so I can't.

  3. Excuse my French, but is anyone else jealously living vicariously through this s#$t? Lol, seriously, I love this channel and Tim Tracker. Planning a trip with the three little demons in 2022 and trying to soak up Disney info.

  4. We stayed at the BC in '15 and LOVED that resort. My regret is that we weren't able to eat at Beaches n Cream. I am dying to try the "No Way Jose" sundae! Chocolate and peanut butter is my favorite combo!!!

  5. Me, a sweet tooth: It's free real estate.
    Or at least, I wish! I've never been to any Disney parks but if someday I go to Disney World, that kitchen sink is definitely on my bucket list!

  6. That Family Challenge Sundae sounds AMAZING! I really hope I can convince my family and my neighbor to go with me, but I have a bad feeling that they (my family; not my neighbor because she's awesome like that) won't let me go until I lose weight. 😞

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