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The 2 Dollar Curry (Butter Chicken) | But Cheaper

Okay, curry can be expensive both at a restaurant and when homemade. In order to make this happen, we have to simplify the recipe, maximize the flavor and …

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  1. There should be more rice in the plate though, cause the curry's flavor is too heavy.

    By the time you finish the rice there'll more than half of the curry left.

    Curry is just one of those foods where you need rice to keep it stable because of the condensed flavor.

    If you eat it alone you'll easily get tired with the flavor.

    That's why in Japan, they fill a plate with rice and only half is topped with curry.

  2. you have to take in that the company needs profit for example if it costed 1.60 to make but you sold it for 2.60 youd only get 1 dollar in prifit so if you sold to 100 people youd only get 100 dollars and yeah you could well ok but one hundred dollars is ok but then remember its a buisness and they depend on your money for everything food,water,bills,ect.

  3. looks pretty legit, I haven't made a fresh butter chicken in a while. I used one of those Walmart kits in a review test which actually was not half bad. I love Indian food, I just never make it. I need to refill my pantry with some different spices.

  4. The secret magic ingredient to make butter chicken taste like rasturants or even better is to add kasoori methi at this end after turning the heat of. Also add more coriander.

  5. Only thing I don’t like about the Indian curry is they drown there chicken in the sauce lol. Jamaica curry over any other culture!

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