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  1. Hi, fam! We're thinking of doing more "vegan deluxe" videos where I try to upgrade a standard recipe. Would you like to see more? Any recipe ideas? Drop your thoughts below!

  2. I made this recipe with refined coconut oil instead of vegan butter and it came out amazing! Disclaimer: I never tried the vegan butter version, so they can be even better!

  3. I tried this, and it came out a little oily. I'm not sure what I did wrong. They were still good, but if anyone has suggestions for adjustments, I'd be grateful!

    (I did use a kitchen scale for the flour.)

  4. Omg how much of things do you add? How much aquaphaba? How much sugar? How much flour? How much espresso powder? You spent so much time explaining why you're using it and how important it is to follow the recipe that you forgot to tell the measurements and I don't see them in the video description…

  5. I made this brownie yesterday. Everything exactly as you say, except for the aquafaba. I used 130 ml dense water from white beans we had cooked, instead of chickpeas. The aquafaba+sugar mixture was unable to beat like eggs. After cooked and cooled, I could still feel this mixture as if I was chewing it without chocolate. Difficult to describe, but the flavours didn’t combine together.

    But today I ate another piece and it’s amazing! I couldn’t change anything to make it better. How’s that? This recipe rocks!
    I also added walnuts on top for decoration and a little bit of nutrients 🌱

  6. for the "can i use this instead of this" kind of people, i've tried this recipe following the exact same ingredients and i've tried it switching the AP flour for oat flour (i can't have gluten anymore) and although it's still tasted delicious and it was fudgy and moist, the shiny crust on top wasn't there anymore which is something that makes this brownies so unique. So if u can't have gluten i highly suggest u try this recipe, but don't expect it to look exactly like the one with AP flour.

  7. I made this last night and they were amaaaazing. Holy cow. Even better than the brownies I used to make before I was vegan. You need to make a baking cookbook too!

  8. I made this recipe and came out sooooo freakin deliciousssssssssssss.
    I reduced the amount of sugar to 250 grams and it was perfect.
    Thank you so so so so so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. I’m not vegan and wasn’t watching vegan videos but then your videos started to play and now I am totally interested in becoming vegan and have been watching your vids all night…can’t wait to try to make these brownies myself

  10. Made this yesterday and I'm blown away abut how good this taste. I'm vegan almost 1 year now and I'm pretty good with cooking but this is the most delicoius brownie ever. Thank you so much! So glad I found you. I also made the hummus recipe on your channel and next one is the red lentil curry I think. I love lentils so pretty sure this is also going to be exceptional. Thanks once again.

  11. Hey! I am 18, beginner cook, recently became vegan.I tried the recipe, but unfortunately it didn't quite work. I did it 100% like your video, but it came out way to fatty/oily. I even let it in the oven a bit longer, so it might get a bit more crunchy, but it didn't. I love the taste and if it wasn't "swimming" in fat, it would be the perfect brownie. Since I live in a different country, we don't use the same products, e.g. the vegan butter. Do you think I should cut back on the butter next time (and instead use more chocolate or smth)? I love your videos so much, and until now every other recipe worked perfectly. Please help.

  12. I’m sorry but this is not vegan you use all purpose flour and cane sugar these are not vegan alternatives this is more of a vegetarian recipe

  13. I followed every single detail and measurements and the brownie was a disaster. It was full of sugar crystals which didn't melt. I had to mash it all up and add some milk and rebake to rescue it. I've been baking for around 18 years, and I've never fucked up a cake this bad. I love u and your energy but I really feel your measurements just doesnt work.

  14. I don't want to use hydrogenated oils (margarine) so I'm planning on making this recipe with regular butter. 🙂 I came across this channel today and I like what I've watched so far. 🙂

  15. Ah.. Yes. Finally 🙏🏾🙏🏾♥️♥️Something I can make for my Vegan friends. I always make the same stuff for them.. Was looking for something I can do that's yummier and decadent 😍❤️Thank you so much for this recipe ♥️♥️

  16. That looks good. Thanks for posting. But perhaps your pace of talking just rather like slurring machine gun…. So fast… It'd be nice if it can be more articulatly clear and calm abit, please ..? 😉

    Also,… What is vegan butter.?

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