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The BEST Butter Chicken Recipe Ever | Murg Makhani | Show Me The Curry

Murg Makhani, literally means Butter Chicken! Synonymous with Indian Food, Butter Chicken is world famous and rightly so. The “Butter” or the “Makhani” part in …

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  1. Quick question, can I cook with using my instant pot and can I substitute instead of 1 cup of heavy cream for my homemade Greek yogurt that I made using my instant pot for your butter chicken recipe

  2. so glad you guys are cooking again , was disgusted with your carona virus BS video , people go to cooking video to relax and learn to cook some dalish food and get away from 24/7 news plandemic, yet every food channel on utube had considered them self expert on medical virus and in their arrogance importance thinking we need you guys to tell as to wash hands and give medical advise or what ever , yet when I visited any of the medical doctors or health channel I subscribe to, not single one of them was telling me how to make pita bread or chikan curry, anyway glad you are back to cooking amazing food, love it, will have to try this

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